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About Westies


Scotland’s short-legged terriers, including the West Highland White Terrier, have long been prized for their intelligence and skill at hunting small game.

The West Highland breed was officially listed in 1907 at the Crufts Dog Show - still the world's largest dog show. True to their hunting nature, Westies love to run and play. They are devoted companions and respond well to training.


Is a Westie right for you?


We want both you and your next pet to share a lifetime of happiness together. Here are some important questions that can help you determine if you and a Westie are a good fit.

  • Do you have lots of time to raise a puppy? Like human infants, Westie puppies continue developing long after you bring one home.

  • Do you have a fenced-in backyard? Westies will not obey all commands, and if they see another dog, people or vermin, they may charge after them.

  • Do you have small children? Westies were bred to hunt and may confuse small running children for prey.

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