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Finding the right Westie breeder


Working with an ethical breeder will ensure that you receive a true West Highland White Terrier, in good health and with even temperament.

Finding an ethical breeder is not difficult. An ethical breeder will:

  • Explain the purposes of the particular breeding of the litter.

  • Discuss known health issues they have experienced and what genetic issues they have seen in their line.

  • Explain what they are doing to resolve these health and genetic issues.

  • Belong to a regional or national breed club, such as the West Highland White Terrier Club of America  and the West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta. These clubs screen applicants, work to improve the breed and require members who are breeders to follow the club's code of ethics. 

  • Offer a puppy contract and warranty.


What the breeder is looking for in the new puppy owner


Most ethical Westie breeders will assess you as thoroughly as you research them. Remember, we love Westies as our children. If you want one, you must show you will love our Westies, too!

Here are some tips for winning your breeder’s heart.

  1. Recognize that the breeder is choosing a good home for each Westie.

  2. Consider your reasons for wanting a Westie. Ethical breeders have a limited number of dogs to “place” in good homes. Telling a breeder, “I’m looking for a Westie. Do you have any?” will not win you any points.

  3. Learn about Westies and be ready to show their breeder that you will provide a good home.

  4. Know that the breeder will likely choose the puppy you may have, and not the other way around. The breeder has spent months raising this litter and learning each dog’s needs and personalities. He or she will attempt to match the puppy to your ability to provide the right environment.

  5. Be patient. This process can take a year or longer.

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